colonial shipbuilder

Today i’m working on the ship I hope to get back home in england.But I don’t know if I have enough wood to build it. I’ll have to cut some trees down to get some wood. life is hard when your a shipbuilder all the pain.all the slenters all the nails.lucky the ship is almost done with it.I’ll have enough wood soon to work on the ship.It’s a lot of work to do. This ship is almost done.Then I can get home to my family.

Colonial leaders

Who is Squanto?

1.Made peace with the pilgrims

2.helped them with food

3.thought them how to fish,hunt,and grow crops

4.helped their population grow

5.made friends with them

6.helped them with their homes

7.thought them how to cook

8.helped them with wood

9.helped them with a problem

10. helped them with everything

That is Squanto